The best public affairs campaigns capture stakeholder perceptions and use them to reach clear goals. Kindred specializes in developing strategies to build meaningful engagement and manage brand reputation.

Brand Development

Brand Development


Research, industry expertise and organizational objectives honed to develop compelling messaging around organization’s value.

Earned Media

Copywriting, pitching, and relationships with reporters and producers to earn placements in print, digital and broadcast media.

Owned Media

Leveraging online ads and owned media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to provide a fuller look at the company’s identity and value.

Policy and Community Initiatives

Policy and Community Initiatives

Campaign Planning

Planning that defines objectives, prioritizes resources, focuses stakeholders, utilizes data, and evaluates progress toward goals.

Coalition Development

Outreach to key influencers, community leaders, and organizations while building and managing grassroots support.

Policymaker Engagement

Contractors with networks in local and state governments engage on the benefits of your issues to legislators and their constituents.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Response Planning

Internal communication trees, stakeholder collaboration, and thoughtful messaging to respond, prepare, and return to normal.

Strategic Engagement

Media response, spokesperson training, social media, and search engine optimization to explain action and guard reputation.

Monitoring and Adapting

Monitoring of conversation online and in the media to mitigate risk, respond when strategic, and stay ahead of the curve.